Why You Should Journal and How to Get Started

Why should you journal?

Well, writing down your thoughts about experiences or processes can be a valuable supplementary behavior that will aid in your success. For example, research has shown that people who keep a food journal often have an increased chance of meeting their weight loss goals.

You also never know whether or not your thoughts or experiences about a moment in history will be stumbled across by a person centuries later. Something you write about an event could change the way that moment in history is viewed.

Maybe you’re not too concerned with making an impact on history or working towards a goal. That’s fine — keeping a journal for no other reason than recording your own thoughts and feelings has its own rewards as well. Experts consider it an activity that can be hugely therapeutic and revealing.

There’s no right or wrong reason why you should journal, but maybe you feel like you need a little help to get started. No problem! Here are a few helpful tips that will put you on the path to starting a journal in no time.

Paper or digital?

Before you even consider what kind of journal you want to create, first consider the medium that is best suitable for your needs. Although online blogs and journals are popular, you may feel that you can think better with a pen in your hand.

Protect your privacy

Because journals often contain some of our innermost thoughts, it could be emotionally devastating if someone were to access, read, and share what you’ve written down. To avoid this potentially humiliating scenario, take steps to protect your journal from prying eyes.

If keeping an online journal, consider a medium that will allow your digital blog to be password protected. Opt for a difficult password, something that close friends and family members won’t easily guess. If keeping a physical journal, be sure to keep it out of sight.

Start slow

You don’t have to write your entire life’s story immediately. Practice with a few sheets of paper, writing down whatever is on your mind at the moment. It doesn’t matter how “silly” it is, so long as your thoughts are honest. Maybe do this once or twice a day for about a week. Continue until quickly jotting down your thoughts becomes second nature.

Then move on to a notepad or digital blog. Build a pattern by writing an entry down at about the same time each day. If you don’t feel like writing or don’t feel you have anything to say, then you don’t have to force yourself to say anything. Make a quick note that “nothing of note is happening” and try again the next day.

Persistence and honesty are the keys to developing and keeping a steady journal. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself exactly what you need to hear. Journals are a wonderful tool for finding the truth about your life that you are aware of, but just not ready to admit to anyone…not even to yourself. Taking a step in that direction can open the door to a whole new you.

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