Why You Need a Morning Ritual

For those of us working 40 hours a week or going to class all day, mornings are one of the few times each day we have to ourselves. The way your morning plays out can completely impact the way you feel about the rest of your day. After all, there’s a reason why we say someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed when someone is grumpier than usual. And that’s exactly why you need a morning ritual.

Settling into a morning routine can help you mentally and physically prepare for your day. It even gives some people the motivation to wake up and get out of bed, rather than continually press the snooze button until forced to get up. By having a routine and knowing exactly what your morning will entail every day, you can be better prepared for whatever the day brings.

Additionally, having a routine can help you feel less stressed about the day ahead. Having those minutes to yourself to eat a healthy breakfast, do some yoga poses or even go outside to get the newspaper can be a rhythmic, almost therapeutic way to begin your day. You shouldn’t be too rushed or feel as though you have to jump from one task to the next. Instead, do enough to get ready for the day without pushing yourself too much.

Tame That Morning Madness

When thinking about your morning routine, figure out how you can prepare yourself for the day both physically and mentally. Take into account how much time it takes you to complete each task and decide when you need to wake up to get everything in your routine done.

Remember that your morning routine should not be stressful. While there are some outside factors that you won’t be able to control – roommates, pets, family – you can at least set up a routine that can work around them. For example, if you own a dog you can go for a short walk outside before eating breakfast. Another option can be talking about your plans for the day with your roommate or significant other, as that can help you process your day while having some quality time with your companions.

Some typical morning rituals include:

  • Showering
  • Making breakfast
  • Exercising
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Picking an outfit
  • Watching the news
  • Drinking a cup of coffee

All of these rituals help address your physical and mental needs for the day. For example, showering can wake you up in the morning and make you feel clean and fresh for the rest of the day. Reading the newspaper, on the other hand, can relax you while informing you about current events.

Make Your Mornings Work for You

When formulating your own morning routine, know your own needs and plan from there. Do you shower at night, or do you need that jolt in the morning to get you going? For me, I need a cup of tea and a bowl of Cheerios each morning before I go to work, but my friend swears by her morning jog and breakfast smoothies. Get yourself ready for the day, but do what’s best for you, rather than what you see other people doing.

If you haven’t gotten into a morning routine yet, you can ease your way into it. Start out with one or two things – such as waking up at a specific time and washing your face each morning – and gradually add more things. Creating a list with each task can also be helpful, and there’s nothing quite like checking off each task once you’ve completed it.

It’s good to have your own morning routine. We all know how stressful it is when you oversleep and have to rush through everything to get ready in time for work or school. When you have gone through your morning routine enough times that it’s practically instinctual, those days of oversleeping get cut down drastically.

A morning routine works for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a morning person or a night person. Once you get into the habit of each task, your day will feel empty without it.

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