What do Millennials Want from Their Work?

Millennials, Generation Y, college grads, anyone age 20-30, they’re quite the controversial group. Despite being referred to as entitled and simply hard to understand, this group has many positive qualities. Growing up and being educated during the age of technology, Millennials bring a unique and refreshing outlook to the workplace.

Despite the difficulty of quantifying this generation or adding to increased judgments about them, they will soon represent the biggest majority in the American workplace. It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to recognize the positive impact Millennials can bring to the table. The first step in attracting this generation is to understand — what do Millennials want from their work?

1.    Training and On-Going Learning

Generation Y is used to living and working in a fast paced, ever changing world. For them, it is utterly important to constantly keep up with the times and stay ahead of their competition. They will seek out a company that offers extensive training as well as the potential for covered further education, such as obtaining their masters degree through their company.

 2.    Volunteer Opportunities

According to Forbes, 64% of Millennials specifically note that it is a priority for them to make the world a better place. They truly believe that businesses and corporations can have a positive impact on the world and can do more to address society’s challenges.

If your business offers charity match, volunteer opportunities, or simply prides itself on giving back to the community, you will certainly be attracting Millennials.

 3.    Flexibility

The Millennial generation is known for being excited to work but craving flexibility in their workplace. It is a valued asset when a company will allow them to complete their work in a way that is most effective for them. They seek an employer that understands work and personal life balance, knowing that they are usually intertwined but must stay balanced.

4.    Collaboration Over Competition

The workplace used to be known for it’s cutthroat mentality and having to out-perform those around you to succeed. The vast majority of this generation states that they are looking for a collaborative work environment rather than a competitive one. Millennials believe in everyone having an equal voice and the chance to bring something to the table.

5.    Independence

This young and energetic generation is used to being independent and collaboratively working with superiors. Most Millennials report that they would like to be their own boss or would prefer their boss served more as a mentor. They all tend to have a desire for leadership and paving their own path. In fact, studies find that this generation is the most likely to work for themselves and thrive as entrepreneurs. Allowing your new employees to have a voice and feel independent will help build a positive environment for Millennials in your company.

In general, this generation seeks to make a difference and provide innovative leadership. If your business offers an open-minded culture, ready for new ideas and eager to embrace innovation, Millennials will come running.

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