14 Genius (Yet Simple) Camping Hacks

You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to go camping. Here are 14 genius camping hacks for the everyman to get you started.

14.  Cheese-Stuffed Hotdog Fusion
Add a cool twist to your flame-roasted Ballpark Hot Dogs by slicing them down the center and then stuffing them with strands of string cheese. Once that’s done, simply impale on a stick, roast to melty perfection, place in bun and enjoy.

13.  Coffee Packets
Why bring half your kitchen just because you want coffee at camp?  Instant coffee packets make for a quick, easy cup o’ Joe, when you want to keep your weight and space down.

12.  Fish Mouth Spreader Campfire Cooker
Suspending things over a fire can be a pain (and so is retrieving metal cookware from the flames).  But if you suspend a green branch over the fire, you can use a fish mouth spreader to hook onto a stainless steel bottle or small pot -while using the eye for hanging it on the branch.

11.  Frezno Lense Fire Starter
Starting a fire can take a good bit of work, and when it’s windy, you can ‘blow’ all your matches.  But if you just need a fire between 11AM and 3PM, and it’s nice and sunny outside -then a pocket frezno lense will get your tinder bundle started without breaking a sweat.

10.  Dorito Kindling
Short on small twigs, but have lots of junk food?  Easy: Doritos burn hotter than wood and for long enough to get your fire going.

9.  Shamwow
Instead of normal towels from the linen closet or expensive brand name microfiber camp towels, Shamwows are cheaper, work better and if it can dry off an F150, then it can certainly dry you off too.

8.  DIY Insulated Bedroll
Don’t pay through the nose for a fancy insulated bedroll.  Make your own:

Step 1: Buy a cheap yoga mat.
Step 2: Purchase HVAC reflective wrap and cut it out to match yoga mat’s dimensions.
Step 3: Use Gorilla Glue to fasten the two pieces together.

The reflective wrap will add insulated air and bounce your body heat back to you.

7.  Bungee Cord Tarp Stringers
For a super-fast and easy way to suspend your tarp, simply use long bungee cords to fasten to trees and tent stakes (rather than using rope or paracord).  No knots, no fuss; just stretch and hook.

6.  Cotton Ball Vaseline Fire Starter
Don’t use another match…

If you have a ferro rod, then all you need to do is dip cotton balls in a small jar of petroleum jelly and stuff into a small prescription pill container.  The cotton ball lights easily, whereas the petroleum jelly will keep it burning for 3-5 minutes.

5.  Headlamp (With Bonus Hack)
You won’t want to take along flashlights after having switched to headlamps.  Strapping a light to your forehead allows both hands to be free.


Oh by the way: if you have a full gallon of water, you can use your headlamp and strap it around the jug with the light shining into it.  It will provide excellent ambient light, which is easy on the eyes.

4.  Old Fashioned Whistle
If you have kids or compadres who are out of immediate earshot, using a common whistle can be heard for hundreds of yards and won’t kill your voice box.

3.  Super Glue
It’s an insanely easy way to patch a tent, fix a sleeping bag, a plastic buckle or whatever.  The stuff can even be used as temporary stitches for a fresh wound.

2.  Plastic Bags (of Every Shape and Size)
This one is almost too easy, yet somehow always forgotten.  Just remember plastic bags Ziploc to Glad…

You’ll be glad you did, because you just never know.

1.  Glow-in-the-Dark Duct Tape
Add a cool glow to your campsite, while also making it readily identifiable at night, using glow-in-the-dark duct tape.  You don’t need batteries and you can apply it to just about anything.

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