10 Signs You’re Definitely in the Right Job

How many hours do you spend at your job each week? If you’re like most Americans, it’s probably a lot. That’s why it’s so important to be filling a job role that makes you happy and makes you feel fulfilled. Here are 10 signs you’re definitely in the right job:

You’re excited to go to work
Wake up every morning feeling fresh and energized? That’s a good sign. When you look forward to the day ahead, knowing you’ll be spending 8+ hours at work, your job is a good one. If you’re waking up groggy, uninspired and dreading your job, on the contrary, it’s time to reevaluate your situation.

You recommend friends apply
If you think your friends would enjoy working for your company, you must like it a lot. You must be proud of your work environment, wanting to show it off to the people in your out-of-work sphere. You must also think that the work environment correlates with the attitudes and aspirations of those closest to you. In other words, if you sincerely feel your friends would like to work for your company, and that they would fit in well, you’ve chosen a fitting job for yourself.

You feel challenged, but not overly so
Maintaining a balance between challenge and ease is one very important aspect of a good job. You want your office to duties keep you excited, constantly learning more. You never want to be bored. At the same time, however, being constantly overwhelmed can lead to unhealthy amounts of stress.

You speak well of your job
When talk of your job seems to bubble up in every conversation, you see what a big component of your life it is. The question is: what are you saying? Are you speaking highly of your position, workplace and coworkers? A good, fitting job is one that’s easy to compliment when talking to your friends and family.

You can afford a comfortable life
If you have the right job for you, it will fulfill your monetary needs (which vary for everyone). You won’t have to hesitate before buying the things you want. You can afford a safe, comfortable dwelling and treat yourself (be it new shoes, an occasional massage or a night on the town).

Your job aligns with your personal goals
Is your job related to your college major? Your lifelong career goals? Do your daily duties make you feel fulfilled? Did you ever picture yourself in your current role? Does your place in your company make sense? These are questions that help to understand where your company and goals collide (or if they even collide at all). In the “right” job, your job duties should be pushing you to achieve personal goals.

You genuinely enjoy your coworkers
Having mutual respect for your coworkers is the first step in creating a pleasant work environment. Actually forming friendships – ones that exist inside and outside of the office – takes your work environment to an entirely different level. What’s better than spending every day with your buddies?

Your share a mutual respect with your boss.
Respect is an essential component of a healthy workplace. Praise and respect instill pride and a desire to do better, both of which are components of a good job. Having respect for your boss is equally important (if not more so) because it will boost the quality of your work, your happiness in the workplace and your overall satisfaction with the job.

Your days go quickly
You’ve heard it before: time flies when you’re having fun. It’s true. If your job is right for you, the hours will pass in a flash. There may be occasional boring days, but if the majority of your time at work is filled with satisfying, challenging, makes-the-time-fly assignments, you’ve found a good job.

Your company’s values match your own
You should never feel obligated to abandon your values for a job. In an ideal situation, the values and main objectives of your company will align perfectly with your own. It may sound cliché, but following your heart is important when finding the perfect job.

In truth, it’s pretty hard to find a job that perfectly matches your personality. Keep searching if you haven’t found yours yet found it. When you dedicate so many hours to your job, it’s something on which you shouldn’t settle.

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