4 Ways to Leverage Your Blog to Grow Your Side Hustle

Almost everyone has to make certain concessions in life. If it’s your dream to make it in a career that doesn’t quite pay the bills until you’ve hit the big time, you’ve probably already made plenty of concessions. No, performing standup comedy probably won’t get you enough money to pay the rent. Yes, you’re going to have to do something besides write short stories if you’re going eat. So, you get a job – one of those “real” jobs you always heard so much about.

But you may have found that just because you’ve started working a full time job, that doesn’t mean you have to totally give up on what you’re passionate about. In fact, you might have found that the only way to continue working eight hours without going completely insane is to keep at a little side hustle, so you still can feel like you’re striving toward the person you really want to be. Or alternatively, maybe your job just wasn’t making you enough money, so you had to do something else on the side to make ends meet. Either way, it’d probably be nice if that side hustle could become your main hustle.

Here are four ways to leverage your blog to grow your side hustle:

Keep Your Audience in Mind

It might be tempting to write your blog as a personal journal, but remember that you’re not really writing it for you, you’re writing it for the readers. Now, this definitely doesn’t mean you should completely banish the use of “I” and pretend you’re some kind of abstract being who only exists to market your business.

In fact, including some personal details and a lot of your personality in the blog will be one of the most critical things to make readers keep coming back for more. Just remember: When you dip into your well of personal stories, your blog has a purpose, and it isn’t to let everyone know what you ate for breakfast – unless you’re promoting your culinary talents.

Stay up to Date

There’d be few things worse than gaining a sizable number of readers and then losing more than half of your audience because you don’t bother to post anything else for the next few weeks. If you manage to make frequent posts, you’ll keep an audience and give a lot more material for interested newcomers to sift through in your archives. Plus, you’ll stay on top of any new developments in your field. When some big news happens, you want your readers wondering what you think about, because they know you stay current enough to weigh in.

Be Interactive

You’ll probably be so excited about the first few comments on your blog that you couldn’t even think of not replying. That’s a good attitude to keep the more popular your blog gets. You want to create a community, and the more involved in it you are, the more likely it is that will happen.

Being interactive doesn’t just mean replying to the people commenting on your blog, though. It also means reaching out to other bloggers in your field, mentioning and linking to their articles in your posts and just generally staying on top of what other people online are talking about in relation to your side hustle.

Make Your Blog Worth Reading

This is absolutely necessary for your blog to have any success, but, of course, it’s also much easier said than done. But make sure your blog is filled with valuable content relevant to your niche.

Essentially you want things on your blog that can’t be found anywhere else, so people won’t go anywhere else to try to find them. If you can create a reputation for yourself as a valuable resource, you’ll find yourself linked from many other places and the interest in your side hustle will reach an unprecedented high.

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