10 Habits of Uncommonly Organized People

We all have some trouble being organized. Or at least, most of us do. And since you’re reading this, I am under the assumption that we are in the same boat, my friend! I do work to stay organized, but with everything going on in life it can feel like it’s just one more chore. It’s a pain getting there, but once you’ve employed these 10 habits of uncommonly organized people, you’ll be very pleased with the end result. Here’s to getting there!


By this I don’t mean clear off the coffee table. That helps, of course, and if you’re looking to do this in an hour, that’s a reasonable thing to accomplish. If you want to declutter for the long-term though, try cutting your stuff in half. Yep. Take half your stuff and get it out of your house, especially if you haven’t used it in the past 3 months. Trash it, donate it, or give it to friends. Unless it’s your wedding dress. You can hang on to that. But it’s time for your prom dresses to go.

Stay Decluttered – Regularly

This is the one I have trouble with. I’ll get rid of everything, and then it just… builds back up. A souvenir here, a knickknack there, and before I know it, we’re back to square one. After your first major declutter, it’s important to keep going back to that place of “less”. At least every few months, go around and get rid of some stuff, following the same rule. If you haven’t used it, and it’s not seasonal or special occasion, get rid of it! It’ll help keep you sane.

Write it Down

Write down everything you can – goals, events, parties, plans, deadlines for vacations, potential bills, vet visits, car repair, all of it! The brain processes information differently when we physically write things down. Keep a calendar and have a place for post-its. You’ll stay on track much more easily that way.

Make Your Bed

Seriously, a made bed can make a huge difference in how messy your room looks. Most of the time, it only takes a minute to do, and it prevents you from wanting to pile up clothes, magazines, books, and whatever else you have lying around. Instead, they go back in their places, because you made the bed, so you might as well be able to see it!

One End to Another

When cleaning, the people who get the least done are teenagers. Ever watched one clean their room? They grab stuff from all over and chuck it in the middle, then get distracted and leave the mess. On the other hand, if you pick a corner and clean from one side of the room to the other, you end up cleaning faster and more efficiently.

Make E-mail Folders

E-mail is the absolute easiest way to develop clutter. Put your e-mail out for a few newsletters, and all of a sudden you have 1,000+ emails waiting to be deleted. It’s much easier if you organize your emails by sorting them into folders. If you can’t find a folder to file an email in, just trash it.

Tell People NO

Sometimes it’s really hard to say “no”, but the more you do it, the easier it is. Saying “yes” to everything leads to clutter, not only in your home, but also mentally. Say “no” to the small things, like happy hour with your “frenemies”, and you’ll free up time for the important people (and things) in your life.


It’s pretty common that many jobs end up with you having more to do than you should really have to, or have time for. That’s why delegating is so important, especially the small things that need to be done but suck up time. Putting together a monthly newsletter comes to mind. If there are things at work you can delegate, do it! It simplifies your work life, and that’s a big part of your overall life.

Avoid Thrifting

Thrifting is my downfall. I mean, who doesn’t love being able to leave with a huge bag full of stuff for $20? The same thing goes for sales and for unnecessary purchases in general. If you really want to stay decluttered, you have to resist the urge. If you really want something, leave the store without it. If, by next month, you still really want it, then it’s ok to get. You’d be surprised at how much stuff you can avoid buying that way!

Ask for Help

Everyone needs help sometimes. This goes right along with delegating, and it involves you knowing where you excel, and where you don’t. We’d all love to excel at everything, but no one actually does. Do the things that you’re good at, and get help with the stuff you’re… less good at. Make more room for the things you’re really passionate about.

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