8 Air Purifying Herbs for Your Home

There’s nothing quite like being able to take deep breaths of fresh air inside your own home. It’s something you just can’t get from a candle or a room spray, but only Mother Nature can provide. Since leaving your windows open year-round is not an option for most of us, here’s something else to try: indoor herb gardening.

These herbs are not just limited to teas or your favorite pasta dishes; they can also help clean and detox your air. Why not try out one or all of these 8 air purifying herbs for your home?
OK, so you know this one is great to add to your favorite Italian dishes, but it can do so much more. Not only does this plant smell and taste great, it also does a really good job of reducing carbon dioxide in your home. Best of all, the seeds that it produces in the fall can be reseeded to produce even more basil in the spring.

There’s something about the scent of jasmine that puts people at ease. Jasmine can naturally perfume the air in your home and promote feelings of relaxation. Its white flowers open in the evenings, when temperatures cool down, and make your home smell sweet at suppertime. You can even make tea with jasmine leaves.

You might think this perennial springtime bloomer can only grow outdoors, but it also makes a great indoor houseplant. Try growing it in a pot with a stick for it to climb. If starting from seed, expect it to take about two years to reach full maturity and begin blossoming. That wonderful, sweet smell will be worth the wait.

These flowers are not just limited to your window boxes—bring them inside! They have a fantastic aroma and do a great job of cleaning the air. These plants are a great option for beginner gardeners; they don’t need frequent watering and are happy with lots of sun. Plus they add a splash of color to your home.

Rosemary has many other uses and benefits besides just being a kitchen staple. If you grow this plant indoors, not only can you pick a sprig here and there for various recipes, you can also reap the benefits of its essential oils, which it disperses throughout your home. Rosemary is known for improving cognitive function and protecting the brain from free radicals.

Mint seemingly can do it all. You can brew it in tea, cook with it and enjoy its pleasant aroma. It does a great job of scenting your home and making the air a bit easier to breath. Mint plants are very easy to grow and enjoy copious amounts of sun and water. Mint tends to be a bit invasive, so be sure not to plant it near others herbs as it will smother and kill them. Give this plant its space.

There may be nothing quite as calming and soothing as the scent of lavender. Its pleasant aroma is perfect for helping calm you down before bed and get a really great night’s sleep; you can even brew a tea with it. It’s also good at reducing anxiety and is an excellent insect repellent.

Coffee Plant
OK, so maybe you never dreamed you could grow your own coffee beans, but it is possible. The most well-known variety (and the easiest to grow at home) is the Arabica plant. If grown in a pot inside your home, the coffee plant will grow to about three feet high, so it is quite manageable to care for. After about four years it will grow coffee beans that you can roast and grind.
By harnessing the power of these plants, you can purify your air and make your home smell wonderful. Be sure to reap all the benefits of these helpful herbs.

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